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For the first time ever you can try a breast pump before you commit to buying it. Click the link to browse our breast pump collection. Compare breast pump brands, features, and price. Stork & Daisy carries hospital-grade breast pumps that are great for new moms or first-time moms. The best breast pump for a new mom can be found through our Try & Buy breast pump program.

About us

The Try & Buy breast pump program allows moms to try a hospital-grade breast pump for themselves so they can find their perfect pump. To start, shop through our options of breast pumps, and select Try & Buy. We offer free ground shipping on all orders! The Try & Buy trial begins once you receive the breast pump. Take time to use the breast pump during the 14-day Try & Buy trial to decide if the pump works well for you or not. Try out your breast pump at home several times, use the comfort settings, expression mode, stimulation mode, and see how long the battery lasts during your sessions. Portable and mobile breast pumps are available for Try & Buy. If you ordered a portable pump, feel free to use your breast pump on-the-go and see if this is the best pump for the workplace. If your breast pump is not providing the suction or strength, you have poor letdowns, or if you have any other issue with the pump and you wish to cancel your Try & Buy pump trial, you can do so online in your My Trials section of your account. Returns are free, no-hassle, and we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label to send the breast pump back to us. Otherwise, if you found the best breast pump for you, keep it! Your account will be automatically charged on the date that your 14-day trial is completed. The Try & Buy breast pump program is designed to provide a test time with high quality, hospital-grade breast pumps to try before you commit to buy.